Trip to Mombasa

I meant to publish this last night.  Also, I doubt I will post as many pics or videos as they take awhile to upload since our internet is slow.  Be sure to check back to past posts as I will add pics when I have a chance

Last weekend I went to Mombasa and stayed with Brother Elvis’s family.  I had lots of fun, except for the bombardment of mosquitos.  The first day we went to some of the markets.  It is pretty cool.  You have kiosk after kiosk filled with different goods and people walking everywhere.  When you enter the one market you are surrounded by people and kiosks.  The sky is covered with sheets, so it is rather dark in there.  The other market was much more open.  We visited Ft. Jesus after this.  This fort was built by the Portuguese and was taken over by the Arabs.  Eventually falling into the hands of the British.  It was carved out of the rock and took a long time to finish because of this.  Later in the evening we went to Mombasa beach.  This beach is very relaxed, not many people.  That night we went to a night club.  I had a gin and tonic, then switched to Johnny Walker Black Label on the rocks.  Scott Koressel would be proud.  We saw a dancing/acrobatics show before we went to the dance floor.  We finally left the club at 4:30… I was extremely tired at this point.

The next day we went to Pirates beach.  This beach was very crowded as most of the Kenyans go to this one.  The waves at this beach were also bigger and it was lots of fun swimming through these.  On Monday we went to a Haller Park and saw giraffes, crocodiles, various snakes and lizards, sort of saw hippos (they were under the water), various antelopes, a couple tortoises, and some monkeys.  Then we went to a park along the ocean before we left.

We arrived in Nairobi Tuesday morning and I went to school that day.  On the way home we were stopped in Mukuru by a truck and as we waited for it to get out of the way we saw the start of a fight.  A man started yelling at two men walking and eventually the one was being held by his shirt.  Once the truck had moved out of the way, people from the crowd directed us through the crowd that was gathering to make room to beat the man.  as we drove by the men, The one holding him by the shirt started slapping him in the face.  This made the other man very heated and punches started flying.  By the time we were past them, I could see form the back window the man being punched and kicked.  Even people from the crowd not involved started throwing punches and kicks.  The brothers said these people will join as they use it to real ease anger and stress.  They also said it would not surprise them if he was beaten until he couldn’t move or until he was dead.  Later I asked some of the children what they thought was the reason and they said most likely it was drug related.  definitely a crazy experience.  It makes me think back to when we hit the child with the car and that things could have easily elevated to the worse.  Because we took the child and sought him care there was no grudge.  There was actually a man then that helped control the crowd.  I think Bro Julius said he is a drunk, but nonetheless he is a good man.  Anyway, those are some interesting experiences I’ve had.

Tomorrow is the finals for the Kenya Olympic Trials.  I will be going grant it I feel better.  I woke up today with a headache and feeling very weak.  I talked to Bro Colm last night and he said events start at 10:3o and he will be there.  Hopefully I will run into him.  Bro Dan will be done with class  by 12:30 so He will meet me at the stadium and I think one of the other brothers will go with me for the beginning of the meet.  I will take pics and videos while I’m there… hopefully I don’t get in trouble as they might not want things filmed. Luckily my camera does not look like a normal camera and they might not realize what it is.


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