Moved To Makadara

The Marianists’ houses are getting pretty full these days.  I have been here and Bro. Mike Cochran just came two days ago.  Today we welcome to teachers coming from Spain.  Because of this increase, I have moved to the Regional House in Makadara.  It is a much bigger and is situated next to a high school.  This school has a large grounds and holds a standard size track.  This will allow me to start running more frequently once I know I am fully recovered from being sick.  I have regained my appetite for food and don’t feel nausea when I move around too fast.  Today Bro Maricky was supposed to come pick me up and do who knows what, but he has not arrived and it is now 10 am.  He may not arrive until the afternoon so I will do laundry and try to upload some pics for y’all to see.


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