Going to the Beach!

The link is to a video I took on Mombasa beach.  I have other videos plus some of Pirates beach.  I will try to upload some, but it takes awhile so I doubt I will upload any long videos.  Y’all will have to wait until I get back to see those.

An update on things… I am feeling 100% better and back to normal.  I have not been to school since I think Tuesday, on Bro Maricky’s orders.  I will return to teaching and coaching Monday.  It has been nice to relax and sleep a bit extra every day.  I will try to take a video of the new house I am living at to give everyone a picture of that.  I am also going to convince Bro Ken, Dancun or Julius Maingi to go to Nairobi National Park this weekend as I have yet to make it there.  Next week I will talk to Daniel about going to Iten… time is running out as I have only three weeks left in Kenya!  If I make it to the park I will be sure to take lots of photos… I am hoping by SUnday I can have many photos uploaded on here from past stuff, so be sure to check previous posts for new pics.  That is all for now, tonight I’m going to get some brandy to enjoy tomorrow with dinner 🙂


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